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Monday, August 09, 2004

I'm still here,

just busy and tired when I'm not busy. So apologies for not having put up anything since last week. That's lousy of me, I know. This week will not be much better. Tomorrow is a major meeting that I am a co-coordinator and that means putting on my best clothes and smile and making sure to keep the coffee pots full. My two planned briefings are Wednesday and today I learned that I will have to do a 3rd briefing Wednesday afternoon, this one to a visiting Colonel that wants to know what my plans are for his wing of airplanes.

I signed up for classes again today, Vendor Management and Intro to Computers. Both are Tuesday & Thursday nights, so I'll be in class from right after work until 10 PM those 2 nights. I could have applied for and received credit for the computer class but that wouldn't have gotten me paid by the VA. So its better to just take the easy class and get the grade and get paid for taking the class. And the Vendor Management class is going to be the last class taught by professor Wilcox who has been my instructor for the statistics and Algebra classes I've taken over the past two terms. I really like the guy and his teaching methods so I decided I should jump on this 400 level class while I could get it from him.

I built a new potato gun last week just for fun. This one is the typical pvc cannon with a 4" chamber and 2" barrel. Overall, its nearly 5', 6", taller than me. Son Noah and I took it out to the desert Sunday. It will shoot a 2" chunk of potato farther than you can see! Great fun, though its not very loud. This one seems to only make a whoosh sound rather than a bang when the thing gets lit. Maybe I just need a different brand of hairspray...

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